It’s loud. It’s time consuming. The dog goes nuts and the baby cries at the noise. We either love or hate our vacuum cleaners. But it’s not just about making the house look clean — there are plenty of unseen nasties that vacuuming can reduce or get rid of that sweeping with a broom just won’t get. Consider some of the pros of dragging that thing out of your laundry/spare room/linen press:

1. Carpets get heavy use, all day every day.

Carpets are the perfect hiding place for tiny things we can’t see, clinging to the fibres that protect our feet from cold, hard flooring. Vacuum at least once a week to reduce the number of natural (and unnatural) allergens from your floor.

2. Your furniture needs love too.

Our furniture gets a lot of attention from our bodies. Dining chairs, arm chairs, and sofas tend to flatten with use and collect dirt, food crumbs, small toys and things that fall out of pockets. Vacuum the backs, sides and armrests. Rediscover the treasures to be found underneath those seat cushions.

3. Stairs and hallways are household superhighways.

Don’t forget your carpeted stairs and hallways. Heavy foot traffic and often a lack of proper air circulation make these areas prime spots for pet fur, dirt, dust, even cobwebs. They are good places to test those vacuum cleaner attachments you never use.

4. Area Rugs and floor mats are easy to keep clean. 

Rugs collect a lot of dirt, pet dander, and dust mites. Shake rugs outside to get rid of dust and dirt and then vacuum thoroughly to make sure you remove dust mites and allergens. Remember to take care when vacuuming delicate rugs. Reduce the suction and switch your brush bar off when vacuuming delicate rugs.

Benefits of Vacuum Cleaning

5. Window coverings shield you from more than just the sun.

Dust and pollen catch easily on your curtains and blinds, so clean them regularly using an upholstery tool or soft dusting brush attached to the wand of your vacuum cleaner. If you’re allergic to pollen, wear a mask so you can breathe.

6. Your mattress could be home to more than just your favourite pillows and a nice bedspread.

Warm, humid conditions make the perfect breeding ground for bed bugs, dust mites that feed on your dead skin cells. Vacuum all six sides of your mattress regularly to help avoid this and keep the mattress smelling fresh.


7. Morris Bear is your child’s best friend.

Have a think about your average teddy bear. How does it get used? Does it live on a bed in the corner or on a messy Childs floor? Does it get played with outside, fed, kissed, breathed on, leaned on by household pets? Give it a quick vacuum every once in a while, or if it’s small enough, toss it in the wash. For dust mite control, place them in a plastic bag in the freezer for 12 hours once a month, and then leave toys to thaw naturally. This method will kill adult dust mites and a few other unwanted pests that may be lurking.

8. Computer dust bunnies are not tech savvy.

Computers require an air intake to keep them cool, which in turn draws a lot of dust from the air. Keyboards and desk equipment are dirt collectors and if your desk is up against a wall, it may be cushioned by a nice thick layer of dust that never gets removed because you never really see it. This is another good opportunity to use those vacuum cleaner attachments. If you have one, use the wand as a hand held vacuum cleaner. Your expensive technology—and your nose– will thank you for it.

9. When was the last time you looked behind your refrigerator?

Dust, fluff and more dust collect behind refrigerators. And for people with sensitive noses, it’s worth the effort to clear out the mess behind the appliance where you keep your ice cream and beer.

9. Variety Is the Spice of Life.

Most homes today have a variety of floor coverings, from shag pile carpeting to flat stone or wood flooring. Don’t forget to turn the brush bar of your vacuum cleaner off on hard flooring and delicate rugs. As you move from room to room, take a second to adjust your brush bar to each floor type for the most effective cleaning.

A little goes a long way with vacuum cleaning. Like covering up your unmade bed with a tidy looking doona, vacuuming the carpets is a good way to quickly freshen up your house.