Prices. (Minimum charge is $105.00)

Units (includes Lounge / Dining / Hall)

Bachelor (Studio)

Empty: $105.00
Furnished: $105.00

1 Bedroom Unit

Empty: $110.00
Furnished: $135.00

2 Bedroom Unit

Empty: $115.00
Furnished: $155.00

3 Bedroom Unit

Empty: $135.00
Furnished: $170.00

Townhouses (includes lounge / dining / hall / 15 stairs)

2 Bedroom Townhouse

Empty: $150.00
Furnished: $185.00

3 Bedroom Townhouse

Empty: $175.00
Furnished: $200.00



Empty: $30.00 (up to 14m2)
Furnished: $35.00 (up to 14m2)


Empty: $30.00 (up to 14m2)
Furnished: $35.00 (up to 14m2)

Lounge Room

Empty: $30.00 (up to 14m2)
Furnished: $35.00 (up to 14m2)

Dining room

Empty: $30.00 (up to 14m2)
Furnished: $35.00 (up to 14m2)

Small Hallway

Empty: $15.00
Furnished: $20.00

Stairs (price per one stair)

Empty: $2.50
Furnished: $2.50


Between $5.00 and $25.00

Carpet Protection

Carpet Protection

$3.50 per square metre

Industrial and Office Carpet Cleaning

Up to 100m2

Empty: 2.50m2
Furnished: 2.50m2

101m2 to 200m2

Empty: $2.25m2
Furnished: $2.25m2

201m2 to 300m2

Empty: $2.00m2
Furnished: $2.00m2

300m2 and over POA

Empty: POA
Furnished: POA

Floor Rugs and Mats

Rug Steam Cleaning

At your premises: $6.50 per m2 or $8.50 per m2 for shag run (2 inch thick or so)

Fabric Lounge Suite Cleaning

1 Seater or Armchair

Colours: $35.00
Creams & White Fabric: $39.00

2 Seater

Colours: $70.00
Creams & White Fabric: $78.00

2.5 Seater

Colours: $87.50
Creams & White Fabric: $97.50

3 Seater

Colours: $105.00
Creams & White Fabric: $117.00

3.5 Seater

Colours: $122.50
Creams & White Fabric: $136.50

4 Seater

Colours: $140.00
Creams & White Fabric: $156.00

4.5 Seater

Colours: $157.50
Creams & White Fabric: $175.50

5 Seater

Colours: $175.00
Creams & White Fabric: $195.00

Extra seats

Colours: $35.00
Creams & White Fabric: $39.00

Fabric Lounge Suite Protection

Fabric Protection

Between $25.00 – $35.00 per seat

Leather Lounge Suite Cleaning and Protection

1 Seater or Armchair

Price: $55.00

2 Seater

Price: $110.00

2.5 Seater

Price: $137.50

3 Seater

Price: $165.00

3.5 Seater

Price: $192.50

4 Seater

Price: $220.00

4.5 Seater

Price: $247.50

5 Seater

Price: $275.00

Extra seats

Price: $55.00

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning of tiles and grout

Price: $8.50m2
Minimum charge $150 (17m2)

Sealing of tiles and grout

Between $4.50 – $15.00 per m2
Depends on tile and type of sealer

Water Damage Restoration

Call out fee for water extraction and /or equipment installation up to 30 mins (stage 1) $135.00
Additional out of hours call out fee (6.00pm to 6.00am) $135.00 

Labour move furniture/lifting of carpet & underlay/carpet disposal etc. $95.00 per hour 

Labour move furniture/lifting of carpet & underlay/carpet disposal etc. 2 man team. $170.00 per hour

Hire of carpet dryers / air movers. $49.00 per day

Hire of small dehumidifier. $100.00 per day 

Hire of large dehumidifier. $150.00 per day

Deodourising $2.50 per m2. Minimum charge is 10m2.

Browning treatment $2.50 per m2 Minimum charge is 10m2

Call out to premises to monitor drying progress. $55.00 

Call out to premises to collect drying equipment. $55.00 

Carpet cleaning $2.50 per m2  Minimum charge is $105.00.

Note: All of the above services may not be required at water damage restoration.
A more accurate assessment of what is required can be given on initial call out to premises and after water extraction (stage 1) is complete.

 When a premises has been affected by sewage overflow we do not attempt carpet restoration. The carpet and underlay must be removed from the premises and disposed and the flooring treated and deodorised. Australian Standards does not allow restoration of sewage affected carpet.

Urine Products and Spotters

Pro plus general carpet spotter

Bottle: 250 ml
Price: $19.00

Urine Rescue

Bottle: 500 ml
Price: $39.00

Mattress Cleaning (includes Anti Allergen Cleaning)

Cot or small mattress

Price: $59.00


Price: $69.00


Price: $79.00


Price: $89.00


Price: $99.00

Bases Cleaning and Treatment

Top and Sides only: $37.00

Urine / Odour Treatments


Quote given on inspection


Quote given on inspection


Urine odor treatments are only applied with cleaning

Anti Allergen Treatments


Price: $19.00 per room


Price: $6.00 per seat


Anti Allergen treatments are only applied with cleaning

Other Services

Carpet Anti stat

Price: $2.50 (per m2)

Boat Carpets & Upholstery

Price: $125.00 (per hour)

Notes on our services.

When our technicians arrive at your premises they will inspect and measure the areas you have told us about. The technician will then confirm your quoted price and inspect the carpet and stains before work commences:

  • Please read our stain removal policy;
  • All prices include GST.
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning or Carpet Steam Cleaning are the same price.
  • Prices for a room are to a maximum of 14m2.
  • A small hallway is to a maximum of 7m2.
  • Lounge dining area is considered as 2 rooms.
  • Rx20 industrial cleaning is for extremely soiled or trashed carpets. If our technician considers your carpet to be in this category he will inform you before work commences. The job will need to be requoted if necessary. RX20 Clean is charged by the m2.
  • Our minimum charge for any job is $105.00 (this can be a combination of rooms, hallways, stairs etc).
  • If access to the job is 2 flights of stairs or more (30 stairs or more) from where the van is parked, a difficult access fee will be charged of $25.00.