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5 Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Being large, bulky and heavy, carpets are generally more cumbersome to clean and maintain. The good news though is that it is possible to get around this issue conveniently. This can only happen if you know and abide by the hottest relevant tips. Carpet Cleaning Melbourne professionals have sampled and are going to explain five of these here below.

Listed and explained below are five of the hottest carpet cleaning services tips from the pros:

1. Vacuum the Carpet

Start off by vacuuming the carpet. Doing so shall get rid of all the dirt, dust, and debris which may have accumulated and hardened in between the fabric. This step is also necessary as it reduces water and detergent requirements needed for thorough washes later.

2. Test for colorfastness before cleaning

Before commencing the task of Carpet cleaning Newcastle, you should test the carpet for colorfastness. The aim is to know whether the carpet’s color remains intact when exposed to water or fades. To do this, dampen some cloth with the solution you intend to use to wash the carpet. Proceed to wipe it on any portion of the carpet randomly. If this cloth does not pick any color, that means it is unlikely to fade.

3. Follow the instructions faithfully

It is absolutely vital that you follow the instructions stipulated in the carpet carefully. These instructions are contained in the carpet fabric and the cleaning solutions. Abiding faithfully to these instructions will prevent overdoing the cleaning process not to mention preserving the fabrics intact.

4. Carry out a deep clean

You do not wash carpets every now and then like you do your shirts and other garments. For this reason, you have to carry out a really deep clean. You will definitely require the intervention of some professional carpet cleaners melbourne and companionship given the demanding nature of such a clean.

5. Leave the carpets untouched to dry

Once you are finally done with cleaning the carpet, leave it to dry completely before setting foot on it. If you step on the carpet prematurely, your feet will leave behind some ugly marks and scars. These may require some fresh cleaning which will definitely cost you more and take more time.


Needless to say, the few tips we have identified and explained above are not all that you might have to adhere to. Indeed, owing to the limited space and time at our disposal, we inevitably had to stop there. Feel free to carry out further independent research should find the list incomplete or irrelevant to your needs. All the best in your next carpet dry cleaning venture!

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