Carpets can be a great cozy addition to your home and can last a long time if they’re maintained well enough. However, if the basic cleaning methods of vacuuming, spot cleaning, and steam cleaning are ignored, the fact remains carpets can quickly look worse for wear and exhibit serious signs of aging. Fortunately, the following advice is tried and true, and doesn’t take much effort to take to heart and prolong the life of your nice flooring!

1. Keep The Dirt Away From Carpets

The number one culprit for aging your carpets quickly is dirt. Not only can a great deal of soil accumulate underneath your carpet itself, but it’s also the number one host to allergens such as mould and dust mites. Dirt is responsible for grating away the fibers well beneath the carpet and destroying them, which is why you need to take action now!

*When coming in from outside take off your shoes to ensure you’re not tracking in dirt and harming your carpets. Most importantly, going without shoes can help limit the number of times you need to vacuum regularly.

*Not a fan of taking off your shoes? Consider creating paths or walkways throughout your home that will allow for easy cleaning and prevent you from trailing mud.

Dogs and carpet, not a good combination for Drymaster Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast2. Vacuum Frequently

Vacuuming is the easiest and most affordable way to extend the life of your carpet. Make it a point to use a vacuum in its correct setting and vacuum your floors at least two to four times per week. The suction of the vacuum cleaner is able to pick up dirt, dust, and soil that can wear away at the fragile carpet fibers. Since the dirt is dry, the vacuum will have no trouble picking it all up!

3. Spot Clean As Needed

Yet another common culprit for destroying your cherished carpet fibers is simply stains. Any stains from food, drink or beauty products can permanently harm the surface of your carpet of not treated ASAP. The moment you notice a spot or spill, research the approved method for spot cleaning and removing the stain. Bear in mind that you need to act quickly as stains that set or dry are usually permanent, and worse still if the product is acidic!

4. Call Professional Cleaners

Much like with changing the oil in your car, hiring professional carpet cleaning Gold Coast services regularly can help keep your carpet looking clean and fresh. Cleaners are able to spot clean and remove accumulated dirt that you weren’t able to get with simple vacuuming. Bear in mind that regular carpet cleanings are a must if you want your carpets looking great!

Before your carpets get stained, worn, and dirty, make sure to regularly clean them and address problem areas right when they happen. By developing good cleaning habits, you can extend the life of your carpet and ensure that your expensive flooring doesn’t need to be replaced regularly. When in doubt about the proper method of cleaning, consult a professional!

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