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Carpet cleaning in Melbourne is an essential part of carpet ownership. Carpeting in homes are used more often than hardwood floors and require routine carpet cleaning to stay looking their best. While carpet manufacturers claim that carpeting can go for years without carpet cleaning, we beg to differ! Your carpets will look mutilated and discoloured after a few months if you ignore them and do not perform regular carpet cleaning. Southbank residents trust Drymaster Carpet Cleaning with our Carpet Cleaning Southbank Services.

Carpeting is an essential part of carpet ownership. However, carpeting can become stained and discoloured if they are not cleaned frequently enough. Carpet manufacturers recommend that carpeting should only need to be cleaned every year or two but this is simply not true! If you do not clean your carpet regularly it will begin to look dirty and unattractive within months.

The buildup of dirt, dust, hair, carpet fibers and other materials can lead to carpet odour issues. When you keep your carpets clean on a regular basis this means that they are easier to maintain in the long run. This will help customers understand why Melbourne carpet cleaning should be carried out frequently.

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Drymaster carpet cleaning uses a green and natural carpet cleaning solution that is safe for your carpet, as well as children and pets. Our carpet cleaners in Melbourne use the latest steam extract carpet cleaning techniques to remove build-up dirt and grime from carpeting. We offer carpet sanitising services too so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help keeping your carpets clean!

Southbank carpet cleaners are well aware that carpet cleaning is not enough to make your carpet look its best. You carpet might be clean but it can also be dirty without you knowing it. Many carpet surfaces collect dust mites, allergens, and other pollutants even after they have been cleaned. That is why Drymaster Carpet Cleaning recommends that you carpet should be cleaned every six months.

We understand that carpet cleaning takes time away from your daily routine; especially when there are children at home who spend several hours playing on the carpet throughout the day. It is important to point out here though, that kids will play on unclean carpets too so there really isn’t much choice in this matter for parents whose kids spend most of their time playing on carpet. It is for this reason that it is also very important to clean your carpet regularly, not just when you notice stains and spots.

Here is what you can expect from the experts here at Drymaster Carpet Cleaning we will pretreat your carpet with a special solution that will loosen all of the soil in your carpets. We also use a special machine to agitate your carpets and further loosen the dirt. If any stains remain after this process, our specialists will treat them each individually. After this process is complete, we will do a traditional carpet steam cleaning Southbank but, we do not stop there. We finish the process with special rinses that deodorize and remove any residue that might have been left behind.

We at Drymaster carpet cleaning recommend dry carpet cleaning for your carpeting because it allows us to offer a more thorough carpet clean that will help keep your carpet looking nice and fresh without the use of any harsh chemicals or detergents. It also allows you to have access to our carpet sanitising services which helps remove odour, bacteria and viruses from your carpets! For more information on these services don’t hesitate to contact us today.