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Carpet Cleaning Adamstown


Adamstown is a suburb of Newcastle, Australia. It is located about 6 kilometers from the city’s central business district in Newcastle. Adamstown falls within the City of Newcastle local government area.

Adamstown is a community with many support systems. These include St Columbas Catholic Church and the Returned Servicemen’s League sub-branch that is part of the Adamstown Community Club, as well as the Adamstown Rosebud Football club which has brought forth 16 Socceroos including Ray Baartz and Col Curran. The club was formed in 1889 and still plays its home games on Adamstown Oval, the original field.

The first Aboriginals to live on this land were the Awabakal tribe. Adamstown became a suburb in 1885 and had its own council running until 1938 when it merged with other local councils to make up Greater Newcastle. Adamstown became a suburb in 1885 and in 1886 they elected their first council members to complete the building of Council Chambers in 1892. Adamstown merged with other areas to become Greater Newcastle city limits on December 30th, 1938. The Adamstown railway station was originally used by British redcoats. The now-closed branch line to Belmont, which left the main line just south of Adamstown Station, opened in 1887 with the Newcastle–Gosford section of this rail service.

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The Drymaster Carpet Cleaning Newcastle NSW Company focuses on being the top industry-leading carpet cleaning company for customers in Adamstown. We provide a safe and natural cleaning process that is more efficient than other methods and customized to your needs. To get the best service we’ve tailored to your budget, book now!


Newcastle Carpet Cleaning is a common process, but there are many different ways to get the job done. Traditional methods like steam cleaning can leave behind residue which makes carpets less clean and attracts dirt. Once the carpet has been fully cleaned, we will also rinse it to get rid of any leftover dirt or residue as well as deodorize it and make it look more vibrant.


If you want the very best in carpet cleaning Newcastle has to offer, contact Drymaster Carpet Cleaning directly. Our team of experts has handled many cases that other companies failed at; so don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide an estimate for you. We are second to none!


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