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Rug Cleaning Newcastle

Rug Cleaning Newcastle

Cleaning your rugs is definitely wrought with challenges, especially if your rugs are antique or made of delicate materials such as silk. At Drymaster Carpet Cleaning, we understand this and provide the safest and cost-effective methods available for cleaning your delicate rugs.
Drymaster Carpet Cleaning offers two different types of rug cleaning Newcastle to meet your rug cleaning challenges. One, we pick up your rugs and bring them to our facility for what is known as a factory cleaning. Or, two, we come to your home and steam clean your rugs right there at your home. No matter which method you choose, you can trust us to do the job right!
For all of your rug cleaning Newcastle needs, no matter how involved, trust the specialists at Drymaster Carpet Cleaning to handle your rugs safely and appropriately. Our knowledge and experience in the rug cleaning industry will serve you well and you will be very happy that you booked your rug cleaning with us!

Rug Cleaning in our Factory

Our first method is carried out in our state of the art cleaning facility. This is the method our specialists recommend if your rugs are delicate in some way – made of silk or another delicate fabric, handwoven, antique – or if they are heavily soiled by pet accidents or other stains. At our cleaning facility, we have all of the equipment necessary to clean your rugs in the way that is best for each of them. MORE INFO AND VIDEO BELOW.

Rug Cleaning at your premises

Our second method involves sending our specialists to your home with the appropriate equipment to steam clean your rugs right on the premises. We do not advise using this method on your more delicate and fragile rugs but, it is highly effective on sturdier, store-bought varieties. We are always prompt and courteous and bring with us the expertise you have come to expect from Drymaster Carpet Cleaning. MORE INFO AND VIDEO BELOW.

Rug Cleaning by Drymaster Newcastle

Drymaster offers 2 types of Rug cleaning in Newcastle
Factory Rug cleaning

Rug cleaning Newcastle

This is a very thorough method and is recommended for heavily soiled rugs and urine soiled rugs.

  1. We pick up rug from your premises and deep clean at our rug cleaning facility.
  2. Rug is inspected for damage and dust is beaten from the rug.
  3. Rug is then washed by either hand or machine (see video)
  4. Any extra stain removal or urine treatments are applied.
  5. Rug is then dried in controlled climate drying room.
  6. After drying rug is groomed inspected and returned to you.

Please watch Video for factory rug washing .

On site steam or dry cleaning of rugs at your premises

Delicate rugs such as silk and hand woven or antique rugs are not recommended for cleaning at your premises.

Rug is either Steam or Dry cleaned at your premises the by same method as our drymaster Newcastle carpet cleaning (Refer to the top of page).

If you rugs are soiled by pet urine this method is not recommended.

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