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Breaking The Myths Behind Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When we talk about commercial carpet cleaning, most of the people think that there are serious myths behind it, but is not the actual truth. When it comes to carpet cleaning, people think vacuuming or steaming is the limit, they claim the age of carpet is new so cleaning is not necessary, in some cases people assume if they own a high tech cleaning machine they can clean the carpet by themselves and also there is a false believe even if the carpet smells bad it could be sorted out by sprinkling a carpet deodoriser on it. You can simply hire the carpet cleaning melbourne services from professional drymaster carpet cleaning company who meets all your carpet dry & steam cleaning.

If you are one among the people having the myths mentioned above? Then come let us break it together by understanding the truth behind the commercial carpet cleaning in this article to avoid expensive consequences to your carpet due to these myths.

1. Do I need to clean the carpet of age less than a year?

This is the most common myth among the majority of the population not only for the carpet but also for anything that matters. We are programmed traditionally that ‘you should clean when you found dirt’. Be very clear, cleaning the carpet is not just a process of removing the dirt on it; it involves the process of preventing the carpet from further damage. If the dirt on the carpet is visible to your naked eye then it’s too late for action because it is the sign of microscopic pieces of dirt have started their action plan for breaking the protective fibers of the carpet. So, the truth is even though the carpet is new, you need to clean it at regular intervals.

2. Do I need to clean the carpet by someone or by myself – which is better?

This myth is a confusing state of mind which arises when you are about to rent service or a product, whether can you own it and do it on your own or can you find an external source? To break this myth, the best way is to compare not only the expenses but also your personal efforts in the form of skill and time. Though Newcastle carpet cleaning is not rocket science, still it needs some basic technical knowledge about the methods of cleaning and awareness about the usage of cleaning agents, the harmful chemicals (Stain removers). These stain removers which can be easily purchased from nearby stores might damage the carpet and its backing very soon which reduces its lifetime. The fact is these stain removers have the tendency to remove the color of your carpet leaving white patches on its surface.

The carpet cleaning services providing companies in and around your suburbs can provide a complete solution for these problems. Instead of you getting into the action of carpet cleaning on your own, it is better to have a professional carpet cleaners melbourne for providing carpet cleaning services as the first choice, they prevent the expensive consequences to your carpet.

3. Do I need to use carpet deodoriser to keep the carpet fresh?

This frequently used household product carpet deodoriser is another potential destroyer for your carpet which contains a powder in it that does not dissolve in water. This powder composed of magnesium and silicon components (talc) when sprinkled multiple times on the carpet will get accumulated in the fibers of the carpet. Though vacuuming is the better option to remove these accumulated powders, still some quantity is left behind. On further cleaning of the carpet this powder mix with the water/solvents, after drying results in white stains on the surface of the carpet which is not an easy task to remove later. Keep in mind the freshness of the carpet is not just the smell alone. The myth on carpet deodoriser comes to an end that it is not advisable to use carpet deodoriser to keep the carpet fresh.

Taking proper care of your carpet makes your living or working space more friendly and hygienic. The overall truth is, hire a carpet dry cleaning Melbourne company for providing carpet dry & steam cleaning services to avoid damages to the carpet in any form even before it arises. This saves your efforts, valuable time, and in the long run the replacement cost.


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