Fabric Sofa Cleaning

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We don’t just specialise in carpets, we are experts at fabric sofa cleaning too!

We have an extensive range of cleaning equipment and solutions so you are guaranteed to have fresh clean sofas in no time.
We pride ourselves in both stain removal and colour restoration, old couches can sometimes lose colour due to dust and stains
so a good professional clean is usually just what they need.

We come to you and determine the best course of action for your sofas. We have years of experience in the industry, so we are sure to have the best solution for your sofas.

No mess and hassle free is our aim. We work hard to make sure that you can just sit back and relax while we take care of your needs.
The Drymaster team know how stressful it can be trying to get stains out of your sofas.
The appearance of your sofas is so important, it can affect the whole vibe of your home.

Having fresh clean stain free sofas are guaranteed to make you feel good, and well worth your money.

The Drymaster fabric sofa cleaning process is a 8 stage process which you can view at this link; Fabric sofa cleaning video.
1. Hair is removed with a lint remover.
2. Fabric is presprayed.
3. Fabric is agitated in heavily soiled areas.
4. Spots and stains are treated.
5. Fibre rinse is applied.
6. Deodouriser is applied.
7. Fabric sofa is steam cleaned.
8. The fibre nap is brushed.
Drymaster Videos;
Tile and Grout cleaning video

Fabric Sofa cleaning video

 Fabric Sofa and Chair Cleaning

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