Drymaster Carpet Cleaning Wollongong

Drymaster Carpet Cleaning Wollongong

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Drymaster Carpet Cleaning Wollongong uses only the best quality biodegradable carpet cleaning products available on the market. We treat fibres and fabrics with utmost care when deploying our powerful equipment while making sure that all the dust mites, dirt, spots and bacteria are thoroughly cleaned.

One of the main factors that make us stand out from the competition is the positive and enthusiastic attitude of our expert staff! We’ve built a reputation upon our friendly nature and our ‘can do’ approach to even the toughest of jobs, book Drymaster and you’ll soon notice the difference it makes.

Servicing Helensburg to Kiama

Look deep within the fibres of your carpet and you may be surprised at what you find. Fragments of food, debris dropped from shoes and the general detritus of London living all contribute to a fine filth which provides perfect nourishment for armies of dust mites. And whilst general vacuuming will lift some of the dirt, it leaves behind enough deep down debris to destroy the carpet fibres and contribute to potential allergic reactions.

Having your carpets cleaned is an ideal time to brighten and freshen up your upholstery too (sofas, dining chairs and mattresses). It definitely makes economic sense as it will extend your fabric’s life. Special care will always be our way of caring for your furniture and we will use the most effective cleaning solution possible. Factors such as age, fabric stability and colour fastness will determine the exact method of cleaning and products used for each individual service.

Carpets are can be what separates your house from being a comfortable house to an uncomfortable one. It has been proven that carpets that are kept clean generally last longer and are much more visually appealing. Clean carpets are not only more visually appealing, clean carpets are better for your health.

Our friendly Wollongong team are more than happy to come visit you and help you with all your carpet cleaning needs. They know that sometimes it can be an impossible task to keep carpets clean so that’s why we offer all our services to you.

Drymaster services all areas from Helensburgh to Kiama.

Our Services

Drymaster’s services include:

  • Carpet dry cleaning.
  • 6 stage carpet steam cleaning.
  • Mattress cleaning.
  • Leather sofa cleaning.
  • Fabric Sofa cleaning.
  • Water damage restoration.
  • Tile and rout cleaning.

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If you have any questions or queries feel free to contact the Wollongong team today, they are more than capable to take on large tasks that may require a lot of work. No job is too big for our Drymaster teams!

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