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Access to Your Premises

If access to the job is more than 15 stairs from where the van is parked, a difficult access fee will be charged of $25.00 minimum.

Spotting and Stain Removal

What Drymaster does not guarantee.

Permanent Stains:

Drymaster technicians will endeavour to remove all spots & stains. We carry a large range of stain treatment chemicals. Stain removal will be successful providing the stain has not SET in the fibres. Once a stain has SET it causes discoloration due to dye change or bleaching and become permanent. The following substances are virtually impossible to remove once they have SET: coffee, cordial, curry, yellow urine stains,  pharmaceutical preparations, acids and bleach. Stains can be more difficult to remove from a wool carpet compared to a synthetic carpet. Deterioration, fading, heavy traffic and wear cannot be rectified by cleaning.

Damage to seams and joins:

No responsibility can be accepted for damage that may occur as a result of carpet seams and joins that separate in the cleaning process.

The latex used in carpet backings for fringing, seaming, tape binding and repairs deteriorates in time and may loosen during the cleaning process.

Cleaning items at customers risk. 

On ocassions the technician may refuse to clean your items due to certain conditions or risk of damage to your items / furnishings. Examples of this occuring on items such as: Indian cotton sofas, Haitian cotton, coir and or some sisal rope carpets. On occasions customers have asked the technician to proceed to attempt cleaning anyway. We will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur when a customer has asked the technician to proceed after the technician has recomended that the items should not be cleaned due to risk of damage, making a stain more prominant or spreading the stain or poor cleaning results.

Cleaning of carpets that have been dyed. 

Your carpets and or furnishing at some stage may have been previously DYED with colours rather the replaced. Some dyes do not hold and colours may run and your carpet may show colour loss. You or our technician may not be aware that your carpets have been re dyed. We will not be liable or take any responsibility for any colour loss or damage due to your carpet and or furnishings being re dyed.

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