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Carpet Steam Cleaning Newcastle

Drymaster Carpet Cleaning has been operating in Newcastle since 1990 and has the experience, equipment, and procedures to service your premises. There are many varied methods of steam cleaning your carpets. The most common form of steam cleaning is a 1 stage process, where professional cleaners will bring to your home a portable machine, similar to the machine that you can rent from the local supermarket or hardware store. This steam cleaning machine is filled with water and detergent and your carpet is cleaned without any pre-spray or agitation. This method cleans your carpet without a rinse process and unfortunately leaves detergent residue in your carpet which will promote rapid re-soiling. This steam cleaning method is over 20 years old and is not the preferred method by most carpet cleaners today, but unfortunately is still being used by a lot of budget-type cleaning companies.

Drymaster DOES NOT use a 1 stage steam cleaning process.

The Drymaster 6 Stage steam cleaning process:

  1. The carpet is pre-sprayed with a biodegradable cleaning solution.
  2. The carpet is cleaned with a floor polisher and pad / brush to agitate the cleaning solution through carpet fibres. This process also helps loosen embedded soils in traffic areas and helps with spot and stain removal.
  3. Any remaining spots and stains are treated.
  4. Fibre rinse is added to the steam cleaning process.
  5. Deodouriser is added to the process.
  6. The carpet is now steam cleaned and vacuumed.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Newcastle

Drymaster Carpet Cleaning Newcastle also offers our customers the carpet Dry Cleaning services.

Dry Carpet Cleaning is an alternative to cleaning with steam and if used correctly can clean carpets successfully. If you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis you should consider alternating between the two systems.

1.  Steam cleaning in the summer months
2.  Dry carpet cleaning in the winter months

It is not advisable to dry carpet cleaning every time they require cleaning. Your carpets should be steam cleaned between dry cleans. Drymaster carries both carpet cleaning systems in all vehicles and we can advise you which system to choose on inspecting your carpets.

Advantages of Dry carpet cleaning services at Carpet Cleaning Newcastle NSW: Very quick drying (normally 1 hour)
Disadvantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning Services: Will not clean extremely soiled carpets in restaurants, hotels, etc.

The Drymaster 5 stage carpet dry cleaning services:

  1. Carpet is vacuumed with an upright vacuum cleaner.
  2. Carpet is pre-sprayed with a biodegradable encapsulation solution.
  3. Spots and stains are treated.
  4. Carpet is dry-cleaned.
  5. Carpet is raked to reset pile.

Stain Removal and Spot Dye Services Newcastle

Drymaster carpet cleaning Newcastle is pleased to announce a new Spot dyeing and colour repair service for permanent stains.

When a stain becomes permanent it is time to move to the next step – Spot dyeing and colour repair.

This is a process that is beyond cleaning for the repair of permanent stains.

Bleaching agents, pet urine, medications, acne treatments, and some cleaning products can alter the chemical composition of fibres permanently removing the colour out of carpets.

Spot dyeing is also a stain removal process it involves matching discoloured areas of your carpet to the original carpet colour and returning it to its original state.

If your carpet has been damaged by pet urine, bleach, curry, or other forms of permanent carpet stain, we can restore the area using an effective spot dyeing carpet cleaner technique.

Even if you have areas that have been faded by sunlight, flooding (water damage), or other forms of discolouration, we can match your carpet colour for you.


Pet Urine and Odour Treatments Newcastle

Drymaster carpet cleaning Newcastle has various techniques, methods, and chemicals to deal with urine in carpets and sofas.

Urine in carpet is relatively easy to remove from the carpet if the urine has not traveled underneath.
If a pet has been urinating in the same spot and you think the urine has traveled through to the underlay and floor a different approach is needed.

There are 3 options:

  1. Steam clean and treat the carpet fibres only.
  2. Treat the affected area with urine treatments and use a water claw (see video) to extract urine from the carpet and underlay.
  3. In severe cases, the carpet and underlay may have to be lifted and treatments performed from underneath.

When we have pets on our carpets and furniture there can be various problems associated with cleaning but Newcastle carpet cleaning got you covered.

The following information will help you understand these problems and also explain the various treatments available:

Scenario number 1

You have your carpets cleaned and the pet odour and /or stains become more evident after cleaning. This can happen because you were not aware of urine-soiled areas. The urine-soiled areas are “hidden” or not noticeable in your carpet and cleaning the carpet has activated the urine salt deposits and the odour can be worse than when cleaning commenced. This scenario does not happen all the time but it can occur. It can also occur days after the cleaning has been completed. If odour is present after cleaning this can normally be rectified by applying odorcide to the carpet as long as the urine deposits are in the carpet fibres and not in the carpet backing / underlay or floorboards. This method does not involve lifting the carpet and is the most economical option.

Scenario number 2

There are no apparent urine stains on your carpet or furniture but stains appear after cleaning has been completed. This happens because the urine deposits are dormant in the carpet backing or underlay and are “drawn” to the surface in the process. Remember; a carpet cleaner can only clean the carpet not the underlay or floorboards underneath, so when urine deposits are underneath they can “wick” through overnight to the carpet. This problem can normally be fixed by lifting the carpet and replacing the underlay and treating the floor. Example of a carpet being pulled back and exposing the urine affected underlay and floorboards.

Scenario number 3

There are yellow or brown urine pet stains on your carpet that are PERMANENT.
What is the next step if you have permanent pet stains?
If you have permanent pet stains after your carpets have been cleaned the next step is to engage a specialist who deals with permanent stain colour repair to match the colour of your carpet.
This is a specialised job that is performed after the carpet is cleaned and involves applying reducing agents
and / or carpet dyes to the stained area. Please contact us if you require colour repair service as we can
normally quote this service by evaluating photographs of the permanent stain.
Example of a successful colour restoration / spot dye treatment on a permanent urine stain.

Scenario number 4

The carpet is so heavily contaminated that no amount of cleaning, deodorising, stain removal, odorcide etc. will get rid of the odour or stains. In this case it’s time for the carpet and underlay to go to the tip.
Remember; if you dispose of your carpet and underlay because of severe urine damage make sure you treat the floor before laying new carpet.

Fabric Sofa Cleaning and Protection Newcastle

Drymaster carpet cleaning Newcastle has been cleaning fabric sofas since 1990. Drymaster can clean your polyester or polypropylene, nylon, acrylic, olefin, wool, microsuede, linen, and most fabrics.

Drymaster fabric sofa cleaning is an 8 step process;

  1. Inspection and fibre testing of fabric.
  2. Hair removal with a lint remover.
  3. Pre-spray fabric with upholstery cleaning agent.
  4. Agitation of cleaning agent through fibres with brush or pad.
  5. Apply treatments to spots and stains.
  6. Apply fibre rinse and deodouriser.
  7. Steam clean and vacuum fibres.
  8. Grooming of fibres to restore nap.

Our goal is to revitalize your fabric furniture by leaving it clean, attractive, and with that new sofa smell again.
As professionals, we only use superior quality equipment and cleaning solutions that are safe for you, your family
and your pets.
We do a thorough job on every part of the sofa including the back, sides, corners, bottom, and armrests to make sure
all the fabric is clean, colours are revitalized and germ-free.
We quote on all types of fabric including sofas, office chairs, high back swivel chairs, dining room chairs love seats
and any furniture that has fabric.

Drymaster also uses a superior fabric protector called protectMe :

Leather Cleaning and Protection Newcastle

Drymaster provides the ultimate Leather Cleaning Services in the Newcastle area.

Our service uses a leather cleanser that is applied to remove all soiling from the surface of the leather hide. We also nourish and protect your leather sofa by adding a protective coating after cleaning.

We are happy to offer you our leather cleaning services in all areas that we provide our carpet cleaning. Having a professional clean your leather sofas will both extend the life and remove any unpleasant odours.

It is important to have not just your carpets cleaned professionally every now and then, but also your sofas. Your carpets and sofas get used a great deal in everyday life which makes them susceptible to stains and to start losing their original colour.

The Drymaster Leather cleaning process includes the following.

  • Placing protection sheets on your carpet or flooring before cleaning commences.
  • Applying a leather cleaning solution to your leather sofa.
  • Agitating the leather especially the arms and headrests.
  • Removing the soiling from the leather sofa.
  • Applying a nourishing cream and re-sealing of leather with the highest quality leather protection.

Leather Sofa Recolouring Newcastle

Is your leather sofa looking damaged and faded?
Drymaster Leather sofa recolouring in Newcastle can restore and re-dye your leather sofa to the colour of your choice. Damaged leather chairs, and sofas, can be restored.
If you’re looking to change the colour of your leather furniture, turn to our expert colour matching and re-dye services. We offer mobile leather furniture repair service to your home or business.
Re colouring is a far cheaper alternative than buying a new leather sofa.

  • Scratched and grazed leather
  • Leather cracking
  • General dirt and grime and wear and tear
  • Leather Stains
  • Discolouring from cleaning products
  • Faded colour
  • Dye Transfer from clothing
  • Pen marks and other inks
  • Mould build-up

Tile and Grout Cleaning Newcastle

Tile and grout cleaning Newcastle.
Indoor and Outdoor Hard surface Cleaning and Sealing.

Cleaning Services we offer:

  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Concrete grinding, polishing, and sealing.
  • Concrete resurfacing.
  • Anti-slip treatment.
  • Lino cleaning, stripping, and sealing.
  • Marble polishing.
  • Natural stone tile polishing and sealing.
  • Outdoor paver cleaning.
  • Driveway and path cleaning.
  • Pressure cleaning.
  • Tennis court cleaning.
  • Strip & seal natural stone tiles and slate.

When was the last time you had the tile and grout surfaces in your home cleaned and sealed?
If you can’t remember, or if it’s been a while, now is the time! The tile and grout surfaces in your home can easily become dirty and unattractive, which is why they need to be periodically cleaned and sealed. We strive to make our customers 100% satisfied by providing professional and high-quality service.

No Surprises, No Hidden Charges.

Porous surfaces trap dirt and grime deep down where mops and scrub brushes can’t reach. That’s why regular cleaning services can’t completely clean tile and grout floors and surfaces the way professional cleaning can.


Mattress Cleaning Newcastle

Drymaster Mattress cleaning Newcastle.

When your mattresses become dirty and filled with pet hair and pollen and other allergens, it makes it very difficult to continue getting restful sleep, especially if your allergies manifest as respiratory discomfort (stuffy nose, sneezing, etcetera). That is why it is so important to call a professional to come and clean your mattresses from time to time. When you find yourself in need of mattress cleaning Newcastle services, you can trust the experts at Drymaster mattress cleaning to take care of the problem for you. Our primary goal is to make sure you can once again enjoy restful slumber.

Through years of experience, we have perfected a four-step process, especially for your mattresses! This four-step process not only cleans your mattresses thoroughly, it also eliminates any allergens and odors present in your mattress fibers so you can return to getting much-needed restful sleep.

The key to our success with removing allergens from your mattresses is a specially formulated pre-treatment spray that loosens all of the dirt in your mattress so that it can be easily removed by our cleaning equipment. Once we have successfully removed all the grit and grime from your mattress, we treat it with a special formula that helps relieve your allergies, making sleep that much easier and more restful.

Please watch Video for factory rug washing.

Please watch Video for onsite rug washing.

Rug Cleaning

Drymaster offers 2 types of Rug cleaning in the Newcastle

Factory Rug cleaning

This is a very thorough method and is recommended for heavily soiled rugs and urine soiled rugs.

  1. We pick up the rug from your premises and deep clean it at our rug cleaning facility.
  2. The rug is inspected for damage and dust is beaten from the rug.
  3. The rug is then washed by either hand or machine (see video)
  4. Any extra stain removal or urine treatments are applied.
  5. The rug is then dried in a controlled climate drying room.
  6. After drying rug is groomed inspected and returned to you.

On site steam or dry cleaning of rugs at your premises

Delicate rugs such as silk and hand-woven or antique rugs are not recommended for cleaning at your premises.

The rug is either Steam or Dry cleaned at your premises the by same method as carpet cleaning.

If your rugs are soiled by pet urine this method is not recommended.

Water Damage Wet Carpet Newcastle

When disaster strikes such as a washing machine overflow, bath overflow, burst pipe, rainwater from the balcony, etc, water damage restoration procedures must be followed.
It is not as simple as just sucking up the water and cleaning the carpet and letting the area dry naturally.

It is not the wet carpet that is the problem it is the underlay and the wood or concrete floor that needs to be dried.

If the underlay is not dried or replaced you will end up with mould and odour problems.
Our procedure for wet carpet is as follows.

  1. Call out to the premises and extract water using powerful vacuum extraction machinery.
  2. Apply browning treatment to carpet to prevent water stains.
  3. Move furniture on to foam blocks to avoid further damage.
  4. Lift corner of carpet and inspect for damage underneath the carpet.
  5. Install drying equipment such as air movers and / or dehumidifiers and leave these on-site until the area is dry.
  6. Call back to premises on daily basis to check drying progress.
  7. Relay carpet and underlay when dry.
  8. Steam clean and deodorise carpet on completion of restoration.

Notes on water restoration:

  1. An area such as a bedroom will normally take between 24-48 hours to dry completely using drying equipment.
  2. When a premises has been affected by sewage overflow we do not attempt carpet restoration. The carpet and underlay must be removed from the premises and disposed and the flooring treated and deodorised. Australian Standards does not allow restoration of sewage

Anti Allergen Cleaning Newcastle

We can clean your carpets, upholstery, and your soft furnishings using the Responsible Care Anti Allergen System.

Allergy Relief Treatment is a water-based solution that contains a powerful active ingredient derived from naturally occurring extracts found in certain fruit and vegetable seeds. It works by denaturing the structure of the allergen, and thus, substantially reducing the Ige antibody-binding capacity of the allergen

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