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Holding ourselves to the same standards across all our locations throughout the country our Brisbane team is dedicated to extending the quality carpet cleaning experience in Queensland.

Our Methods

To provide you with all of our fantastic services, as a customer in Brisbane you can choose from a range of carpet cleaning methods to guarantee optimal results:
Truck-mount steam cleaning; best for carpets that are cleaned every 6 months or more, or have soiling /stains, as it gives an ‘industrial’ strength clean
Dry-cleaning; best to use on delicate carpets, or carpet that has been regularly cleaned (4-6 months) and has no stains or soiling
Portable hot water extraction; suitable for high-rises or locations that are difficult to access. This system still offers an exceptional and thorough clean.

Drymaster also specialise in other cleaning services for


  • Upholstery ; Drymaster continue to have exceptional results in rug, leather and fabric upholstery cleaning.
  • Tile and grout ; Our technicians are highly specialised in this field and have received excellent feedback regarding such services.
  • Flood restoration service; Our professional team are highly specialised in flood restoration, and will take the steps necessary to restore your damaged carpets.
  • Stain removal/antibacterial treatments; We offer a vast range of treatments. Your technician will discuss your best options upon inspection.
  •  Mattress; ensures your bed is grime free and easy to sleep on.

Sofa Cleaning Results – A Case Study In Gumdale

The owner of these sofas were in desperate need of some quality cleaner services so they called us and asked for our help, so we sent out a technician to see what could be done to rescue their sofas from dirt and germs. They couldn’t believe that our experienced staff could rescue both sofas and bring them back to looking like new in one clean!

To demonstrate just how much we could do our smart technician whipped out his camera and took a quick snapshot. The sofas were then cleaned by our team in Gumdale.

This fabric sofa was in a kid’s playroom and had not been cleaned for 3 years! As you can definitely see in the second picture here there is a big difference in the colour during the sofa clean.

To prove we weren’t just limited to the making fabric and carpets clean our technician moved on to the next all leather couch this shot was taken halfway through. Needless to say when the customer came back and saw the results our team were delighted to have made another happy customer for life.

Benefits of choosing Drymaster Brisbane?

Your choice of steam or dry clean for your carpets

Walk-on-dry technology

Specialised technicians who understand the chemistry necessary for stain removal

No soapy residue

Solutions used are children and pet friendly

Customer satisfaction guarantee

Fabric Sofa Cleaning Results - Gumdale

Fabric Sofa Cleaning Results – Gumdale

This fabric sofa was cleaned by our team in Gumdale. The sofa was in a kids playroom and had not been cleaned for 3 years. As you can see there is a big difference in the colour during cleaning. Another happy customer.

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