Your choice of
Dry Or Steam

Here are some of the outstanding results
we get for our customers!

We achieve these amazing results by using our 6 stage steam clean process which can you learn more about below!
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You can see we achieve great results
on heavy traffic areas and with stain
removal on different types of carpet.

More successful cleans this time on upholstery. Whether your lounges are fabric or leather we deliver results.

This process has been delivering our customers
successful results for 30 + years!

Stage 1

Carpet is presprayed with biodegradable cleaning solution

Stage 2

Carpet is rotary agitated to ensure soil separation and spot & stain removal

Stage 3

Any remaining spots and stains are treated separately until disappearance

Stage 4

Carpet is steam cleaned (Hot Water Extraction)

Stage 5

Carpet rinse is applied for pH balance and to ensure no residue is left in carpet

Stage 6

During the last stage, a Drymaster quality Deodoriser is applied