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12 Reasons A Steam Clean Is The Best Way To Restore Your Carpets

Your carpets are a major investment, and it’s important to keep them looking their best. This includes regular vacuuming of course, but to clean your carpets at your home in Newcastle you should use a steam cleaner. However, there are many misconceptions about the process and what it does. Here are 12 reasons why you should consider using steam cleaners as the best way to restore your carpets:

  • It gets rid of the dirt, grime, and dust that accumulates deep in the carpet fibers. A steam cleaner can reach these parts not reached by a vacuum cleaner.
  • Steam cleaners are more thorough than shampooing because they use hot water to penetrate deeper into your carpets. Hot water is also better at loosening up embedded soil or grease.
  • A lot of people think that you have to “condition” carpets after using a steam cleaner but this isn’t true! Steam cleaning removes residue from soaps, detergents, and other chemicals which then leaves it clean enough for no additional treatment needed afterward.
  • Steam cleaners don’t just get rid of visible stains, they kill bacteria too thus reducing odors caused by microbes and mildew.
  • Steam cleaners can also sanitize your carpets, which is a great way for households with kids or pets to stay healthy and prevent allergies!
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  • Steam cleaners don’t make a mess like traditional Carpet cleaning Newcastle methods do they are fast and efficient, which means you can get the job done in less time.
  • Steam Cleaning is an eco-friendly way to keep your carpets clean. It’s also safer for kids and pets because there’s no need to use harmful chemicals that can stain or irritate children or animals.
  • This type of deep cleaning will extend the lifespan of your carpets by removing soil from deep within its fibers which helps them stay in good condition for longer. And lastly, if you steam clean regularly then you won’t have any issues with dirt build-up!
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  • There’s nothing worse than walking into a room after days without being vacuumed and getting that awful “dirty” smell. But when you steam clean your carpets they will always come out looking and smelling fresh!
  • A Steam Cleaner will kill up to 99% of germs in your carpets because it delivers superheated water deep down into the fibers killing any bacteria or viruses hiding there. This ensures you’re also removing dirt and grime while sanitizing at the same time! No need for separate cleaners when one does both jobs well!
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  • When you use a steam clean, all moisture is removed from the carpet fibers, ensuring your carpets stay in good condition for longer. And lastly, if you steam clean regularly then you won’t have any issues with dirt build-up!
  • Steam cleaning is also very cost-effective because it doesn’t require using detergents that are costly to buy and can damage your carpets over time. Instead, all you need is distilled water which costs next to nothing at your local grocery store.

Finally, it is important to note that not all carpet cleaning methods are the same so if you want your carpets cleaned properly then make sure you use a professional company with experience in this field like our team at Drymaster, the best Newcastle Carpet Cleaning service. So why wait? Contact us today for an estimate on how we can help restore your carpets to their original condition.

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