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How To Fix Carpet Dents

In most cases, carpet dents are caused by walking over our carpet with shoes that have a hard heel. Carpet Cleaning Melbourne companies use carpet shapers to remove carpet indentations and these carpet cleaners often charge you up to $20 per carpet for the repair service.

But what if you can fix carpet dents yourself easily without paying huge fees? Can you imagine how much money & time you will save? Yes, here is a DIY carpet dent removal guide that shows how easy it is to fix those nasty-looking marks on your carpet. You can pull out carpet dents in just 4 easy steps:

Move the furniture often

Move the furniture

To prevent carpet indentation marks from appearing, simply move the furniture at least 3 feet away from the wall on all sides (pulling carpet dents) or turning it slightly towards the center of the room (removing carpet dents), but not directly in front of windows or doors because sunlight would fade them out eventually.

It’s better to use a heavy piece of floorboard than plywood when moving furniture because it’s capable of bearing much more weight. Use carpet sliders and carpet runners to prevent carpet indentation marks from appearing, but you can use wood furniture if it’s not heavy.

Make the feet bigger

feet up

If you have carpet dent remover, use it to make the feet bigger so that the carpet is easily pulled out. Never use carpet shapers made from hard plastic or wood because they can damage the carpet fiber.

To fix carpet dents by yourself, use carpet sliders with foam or rubber pads that you can find at Melbourne Carpet Cleaning shops. Leave a carpet shaper under the carpet.

Use carpet sliders to move furniture out of the way and leave carpet shapers under your bed, sofas, and tables because those devices would help pull out the carpet dent. Don’t forget to remove carpet indentation marks from corners and edges as well because that’s exactly where most of them are likely to appear on carpets in your home.

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Coldwater carpet dent repair

Fill the carpet shaper with cold water, and place a carpet dent puller over it. Let it stand for 10 minutes until all carpet dents are completely removed. Simply remove carpet indentations by fluffing up the carpet fibers after soaking them for a while in cold water. Do not soak your carpet for more than an hour because carpets tend to wear out much faster when soaked for too long or dried under direct sunlight.

Instead of leaving carpet shapers under your carpet, use a wet/dry vacuum (vacuum cleaner) instead to suck up moisture better and prevent mold from growing on your carpet due to prolonged exposure to moisture. Just make sure you’re using plastic sliders so that they won’t be damaged when the carpet is pulled out.

Hot water carpet dent repair

Fill carpet shapers with hot water, and place iron over it for 10 minutes until all carpet dents are completely removed. Simply remove carpet indentations by fluffing up carpet fibers after soaking them in hot water. Never try to mix cold water with hot because this will lower the temperature of your carpet and prevent you from cleaning the carpet properly.

After successfully removing carpet indentations from your carpet, spread a plastic sheet under the carpet before replacing furniture on top of it. This will protect your newly-cleaned carpet from getting stained while moving heavy furniture around again.

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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Drymaster carpet cleaning Melbourne is an expert in carpet dents removal services for carpet repair costs. Carpet care is so important because carpets tend to hold a lot of dirt and you don’t want your precious rug/carpet ruined by stains due to improper home carpet maintenance.

For carpet cleaning Melbourne residents, visit Drymaster carpet cleaners for carpet care services. Their carpet repair service is inexpensive and carpet repair costs are very competitive.

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