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A quick search on Google for “Carpet Cleaning Melbourne” would display a wide variety of carpet cleaning company’s in Melbourne. If you’ve Fully Qualified Drymaster Melbourne Technicianstumbled upon our website you can feel confident that you’re dealing with a company with over 27 years experience. We have one vision: to become Melbourne’s best carpet and sofa cleaning company. Although, becoming Australia’s best carpet and sofa cleaning company would be nice too!
Drymaster Melbourne has been servicing clients for many years. Established in 1990 we have the experience and equipment to service your needs.
Our service area covers all suburbs in Melbourne. If you have a problem with your carpets, sofas, tile and grout or water damage, get in touch with our dedicated and professional team of technicians any time day or night. They work 24/7 around the clock for your convenience and satisfaction.
Our technicians are background checked, IICRC trained and certified with vast experience in the industry. We services all types of clientele including: Residential, industrial & commercial premises, medical centers, hospitals, kindergartens, nightclub, restaurants, bars, offices, warehouse, schools & colleges, churches, hotels and motels.

Stains can come in a wide range of varieties and it can be risky to do it yourself. Sometimes, the best possible option is to call in a Professional carpet cleaner in Melbourne that can offer you the kind of care you know that’s best for your carpet. We at Drymaster carpet cleaning melbourne believe that quality service comes along with expertise.
Countless fabrics are out in the market whether it be sofas, mattresses, carpets or rugs. We at Drymaster offer a wide range of tools and services that will give the necessary attention to get the stain out, leaving your furniture good as new.
Our fully trained and certified technicians are qualified in their respective fields to get the job done just the way you like it.

When you get that unwanted stain on your prized carpet and you’re not sure whether steam cleaning or dry cleaning is the best choice, our vans carry both systems to ensure you get the best service. The method will depend on the soiling and Drymaster charges the same price for Dry or Steam cleaning. We at Drymaster also cater to carpet dry cleaning, cleaning for asthma and dust mite sufferers, wet carpet water damage, end of lease and general cleaning, professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne, fabric sofa cleaning, leather sofa cleaning, pet stains and treatments, mattress cleaning and rug cleaning. Asthma sufferers can avail the Chemical Free Anti Allergen Cleaning where we use the Master Blend Responsible Care System. The system of anti-allergen cleaning is also a treatment used for asthma sufferers and for people with dust mite and pet allergies.

Services That Our Melbourne Technicians Offer

Sofas can also get a good share of the stain which is why Drymaster’s fabric cleaning is an 8 step process:
1 – Inspection and fibre testing of fabric
2 – Hair removal with lint remover
3 – Pre spray fabric with upholstery cleansing agent
4 – Agitation of cleaning agent through fibres with brush or pad
5 – Apply treatments to spots and stains
6 – Apply fibre rinse and deodorizer
7 – Steam clean and vacuum fibres
8 – Grooming of fibres to restore nap

Our Leather Sofa Cleaning is a 5-step process that not only ensures the utmost care, but also the highest quality leather protection.

1 – Placing protection sheets on your carpet or flooring before cleaning commences
2 – Applying a leather cleaning solution to your leather sofa
3 – Agitating the leather especially the arms and head rests
4 – Removing the soiling from the leather sofa
5 – Applying nourishing cream and re-sealing of leather with the highest quality leather protection

Our technicians are fully capable to clean and seal all types of tiles and pavers and concrete in Houses, offices, shops, commercial industrial areas and factories!
Aquamix Sealers is a favourite among a lot of our customers, it protect’s the natural beauty of sandstone, granite and limestone. It’s main ingredient locks out the staining and degrading effects of water, oil and food spills. After application the sealer can last for many years. It’s best to ask your DryMaster technician as application and effectiveness varies from the type of materials used to build your driveway, walls etc.

We’re experts as rug cleaning and rug restoration. We offer two cleaning methods to get your rug looking and feeling the exact same as when you bought it.

1) Cleaning the rug at your premises.

This involves sending out one of our fully qualified carpet cleaning technicians to your location, on arrival we will inspect the rug & assess the damage, stain and overall condition of your rug. If it’s suitable to clean on the premises we will unload our van with state of the art cleaning technology and proceed with the restoration of your rug!

2) Factory Deep Clean Immersion Cleaning.

This involves removing the rug from your location and transporting in to one of our factories in Melbourne. Once our technicians have assessed the rug in the factory we will put it through out strenuous cleaning process. Factory Deep Clean Immersion can almost always restore the rug to it’s original condition.

When cleaning mattresses, we use Steam Cleaning and Allergy Relief Treatment and we can also clean your latex mattress. Our technicians follow a 4-step process that ensures overall neatness of your mattress:
Pre-spraying the mattress with Anti-Allergen pre-spray
Making use of the Drymaster cleaning tool which uses heat and suction to clean the mattress and apply and Anti-Allergen rinse
Spraying the mattress with Allergy relief treatment
Spraying the mattress with an Anti-Allergen deodoriser

Drymaster Carpet Cleaning Technician Cleaning Mattress

We offer 2 types of rug cleaning services. 1. Cleaning at your premises. 2. Factory deep clean immersion cleaning.

All  Carpet Cleaners would know that common overflow bath, storm damage, water intrusion from balcony, washing machine leak, burst hot water system can result in very damaged carpets. Our recommendation is: Don’t panic! Most customers try the most they can to fix it, rather, they add to the damage. One phone call to our technician and we’ll be there the same day to prevent any further damage.

We all love our pets, and at Drymaster we have various solutions and procedures to deal with pet problems.

Spot and stain’s on your carpet are not only a eye-sore, but if left untreated can become a major issue for your home. The longer they are left untreated, the longer the chemicals & staining material can develop. If left long enough they can form mould, damage the flooring underneath & can emit unpleasant smells.

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