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Your Complete Guide to Pest Control Gold Coast-Wide

Pest Control Gold Coast


Fleas are a common problem in Gold Coast homes, especially those with pets. You may discover a problem with fleas even if you do not have pets, if previous owners of your property kept cats or dogs. Fleas can also be carried on other animals like rabbits, foxes, squirrels, rats andmice.

Although fleas do not have wings, they have incredibly powerful elongated legs. These allow them to jump long distances and move easily between you and your pets, leaving behind itchy bites. Successful control requires flea treatment of both your property and your pets, if you have them.

We offer safe, effective treatments for your home or business to ensure complete control of your flea infestation.

As parasites, the greatest concern about the presence of fleas in your home or business comes from their bites. Although these are not painful, they can result in an uncomfortable itch or reactive rash. Your pets could also develop allergies to the flea saliva.

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We guarantee our work and the quality of our services. If for any reason you are not happy with our services, please contact us and we will reclean any areas of concern.


Roaches can quickly become a menace, as they are fast-breeding insects that can survive in the most adverse conditions. It’s also fair to say that they have developed immunity against certain pesticides, which makes it hard to eliminate a severe infestation with a product bought over the counter. This is why it’s wise to hire a reputable pest management company in Gold Coast that can offer you guaranteed results and effective solutions.

This way, you’ll avoid:
• Health hazards – cockroaches transmit diseases and trigger allergies;
• Bad reputation or image – your restaurant takings can plummet overnight;
• Damaged food supplies – throw everything that cockroaches have touched;
• Exacerbated property hygiene – their faeces and shed skins emit a foul musty smell.


Our Gold Coast Pest Control technicians understand the habits of each species of ant and have a powerful range of pest control techniques to deal with ants. We provide the reassurance that the ant problem has been fully dealt with, and offer a call-out service to deal with ants and other pest control problems in the home. Our service is fast, effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family and pets.

Pest Control Gold Coast Sydney


With over 20 years of experience, we know how to protect you from spiders.

We ate the home of effective spider pest control services in the Gold Coast area. Although spiders can help get rid of other pests that may be living in your home, some spiders are harmful to both humans and animals. Hiring an exterminator for spiders is your best choice if you experience an abundance of spiders in your home. We use organic methods to keep your home pest and chemical free. For all of your spider pest control needs call us.

Brace yourself, spiders are not insects, they’re arachnids! Because they’re not insects, they have different habits than common insects. Their varying habits make controlling spiders a challenge for average pest control operators. Spiders prey on other insects. They are constantly hunting.

Spider Habits, Behaviour, and Diet


  • Depending on the species, some spiders like moisture and others like dry warm areas. These behaviours mean that you can find a spider in basements and crawls spaces as well as dry areas like attics and air vents.
  • Spiders have eight legs. They walk on the tip of their legs and are lifted up off the ground. This makes spiders control difficult to achieve. Generally, pest control and exterminators rely on pesticides leaving residuals behind that insects will become exposed to. Spiders moving up off the ground will limit exposure to residual treatments.
  • Spiders hunt and eat other insects. Controlling insect populations will also help to get spider control.
  • Spiders have three or four pairs of eyes. Some species have excellent vision.


The first thing that comes in mind at the mention of a silverfish is a fish. This is not too bad a guess. The silverfish is a small, wingless insect which also goes by the name fishmoth. The best name for this insect is the LespismaSacchrina. Its fish name is coined from its fish-like appearance. It is a nocturnal (active at night) insect that lives in humid and warm temperatures. The insect moves pretty fast and is hard to see. Its diet is starchy foods, fabric and paper.

In spite the fact that these insects do not bite, they can be a nuisance. Considering their diet, they can cause massive destruction to your clothes and documents. Again, considering they are hard tosee, it is advisable to hire an expert in silverfish eradication in Gold Coast. The exterminators understand the mannerism of these insects and will use the most appropriate method to get rid of them once and for all.

Pest Control Gold Coast Australia
  • ServiceDescriptionPrice
    End of Lease Pest Service3-4 Bedroom Lowset house and units with carpet cleaning


    Spraying of Carpets, cupboards and skirting boards with 3A insecticide

    Covers – Fleas, cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish


    $100.00 with carpet cleaning.


    $130.00 without carpet cleaning.




    3-4 Bedroom Lowset house


    Inside & Outside spraying

    Inside spraying around furniture, walls and skirting boards, gels in cupboards for ants and cockroaches (no need to empty contents out)

    Outside spraying around perimeter of house including eves, around windows, base of house and patio areas

    6 month warranty





    3-4 Bedroom Lowset house


    All inclusions of general house hold treatment with the addition of

    Roof and wall cavity dusting

    12 month warranty

    $249.00 max 4 bedrooms.


    Extra rooms add $22.00 per room.





    1 Bedroom unit


    2 -3 Bedroom unit

    Includes spraying and gels




    Commercial propertiesPrices on application

Looking for effective pest control Gold Coast homes and commercial properties can rely on?

Unseen invaders lurking in your homes and businesses often go unnoticed until they become a menace. With decades of experience, we’re here to offer solutions at Drymaster. Read along to learn more about how we can help you reclaim your space.


What types of pests are usually in the Gold Coast Area?

Unfortunately, there are many types of unwelcome and annoying pests found on the Gold Coast. Instead of looking up terms like  ‘pest control Gold Coast’ or ‘local pest exterminators Gold Coast online, turn to us at Drymaster, and we can help you get rid of:



Fleas are a prevalent issue in Gold Coast homes, particularly in residences with pets. They don’t just infect fabrics; they’re also capable of transferring tapeworm larvae and other diseases to people. Flea bites can also cause allergic reactions, leading to severe itching.



Cockroaches are fast-breeding and resilient, making them a stubborn menace on properties everywhere. They’re also notorious for triggering asthma, particularly in children. Moreover, they can cause diseases like Salmonella, making their presence a serious health concern.

Unfortunately, they have developed resistance to certain over-the-counter pesticides, making professional and effective pest control solutions necessary. 



Ants are another common pest known for their persistence. They can infiltrate homes in search of food, leading to contamination and potential structural damage. Since there are different species of ants, professional pest inspection and treatment plans are essential to addressing them and the extent of their infestation.

While less likely to transmit diseases directly, they can contaminate food. They carry bacteria such as E. coli on their bodies, which can lead to food poisoning. Certain species, like fire ants, can also sting and cause painful reactions.



Their habits can vary, with some preferring moist environments and others dry areas like attics and air vents. Venomous bites from some spiders can cause health issues ranging from mild irritation to severe allergic reactions. 



Silverfish are small, wingless nocturnal insects characterised by their fish-like, silvery-grey and metallic appearance. They are known for their rapid, wriggling movements, resembling a fish’s motion, and are typically found in humid and warm conditions like the Gold Coast. While they’re not known to bite people, they can trigger allergic reactions and cause significant damage to fabrics and papers.

Remember, it’s wise to address these issues early so you can protect your office and family from these risks. Don’t wait until your only option is searching for terms like ‘emergency pest control Gold Coast’ or ‘emergency pest control near me’!


How do I choose a reliable pest control company on the Gold Coast?

The journey starts with selecting a local service provider in your area. From there, you can consider other factors, such as experience. In addition, consider their experience managing a variety of pests. 

Now, let’s talk about what we offer at Drymaster. We have over twenty years of experience and offer safe and effective treatments for a range of pests, including specialised knowledge in dealing with species like ants and spiders, ensuring targeted and efficient pest control Gold Coast-wide.

Prioritising health and safety, we focus on eco-friendly and natural methods. Each of our technicians is qualified in their respective fields, making professional pest control for rental properties and residential homes accessible.

And at Drymaster, we’re proud to offer a plethora of other professional services, from dry and steam carpet cleaning and tile cleaning to stains and spot cleaning and more. Leave behind your search for terms like ‘carpet cleaning Gold Coast’ or ‘sofa cleaning near me’ and rely on our expertise and commitment to quality service.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often should pest inspections be conducted in Gold Coast properties?

It’s generally recommended to conduct these inspections every year. However, the frequency can vary based on the specific needs of your premises, whether it’s a residential property, commercial building, or rental property. Your specific location on the Gold Coast may also influence this, as some areas may have higher pest infestation risks.

To determine the most effective inspection schedule and get proper pest inspection and treatment plans, feel free to contact us.


Are there eco-friendly pest control options available?

Yes, there are options for eco-friendly pest control Gold Coast-wide. At Drymaster, we use organic methods to keep your home both pest and chemical-free. We also offer safe, effective insect control treatments and natural pest control methods for businesses. 


What are some indications that my home is infested?

Indications include droppings, small openings, and chewed items. Unusual smells or noises and damaged fabrics or furniture can also indicate an infestation. Spotting these signs early and reaching out to us at Drymaster for pest control Gold Coast-wide can prevent extensive damage and ensure the well-being of your home and your family.


Drymaster: your partner for cleaning and pest control Gold Coast-wide

Established in 1989, we are a leading provider of carpet cleaning and pest control services across Australia. Since we operate in major cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast, you don’t have to keep searching for pest control Brisbane-wide.

Our team of experienced technicians excels in various fields, offering a wide range of services tailored to meet your needs. There’s no need to look for ‘tile cleaning near me’, or ‘steam carpet cleaning near me’. Trust Drymaster to bring unparalleled professionalism and quality cleaning services to your doorstep. Reach out for a quote!