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Cleaning your rugs is definitely wrought with challenges, especially if your rugs are antique or made of delicate materials such as silk. At Drymaster Carpet Cleaning, we understand this and provide the safest and cost-effective methods available for cleaning your delicate rugs.

Drymaster Carpet Cleaning offers two different types of Rug Cleaning for Gold Coast customers to meet your rug cleaning challenges. One, we pick up your rugs and bring them to our facility for what is known as a factory cleaning. Or, two, we come to your home and steam clean your rugs right there at your home. No matter which method you choose, you can trust us to do the job right!

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We guarantee our work and the quality of our services. If for any reason you are not happy with our services, please contact us and we will reclean any areas of concern.

Factory Cleaning

Our first method is carried out in our state-of-the-art cleaning facility. This is the method our specialists recommend if your rugs are delicate in some way – made of silk or another delicate fabric, handwoven, antique – or if they are heavily soiled by pet accidents or other stains. At our cleaning facility, we have all of the equipment necessary to clean your rugs in the way that is best for each of them.

Home Cleaning

Our second method involves sending our specialists to your home with the appropriate equipment to steam clean your rugs right on the premises. We do not advise using this method on your more delicate and fragile rugs but, it is highly effective on sturdier, store-bought varieties. We are always prompt and courteous and bring with us the expertise you have come to expect from Drymaster Carpet Cleaning.

For all of your Rug Cleaning needs throughout the Gold Coast, no matter how involved, trust the specialists at Drymaster Carpet Cleaning to handle your rugs safely and appropriately. Our knowledge and experience in the rug cleaning industry will serve you well and you will be very happy that you booked your rug cleaning with us!

Please watch Video for factory rug washing.

Please watch Video for onsite rug washing.

Importance of Rug Cleaning Gold Coast:

Rugs are a fantastic addition to truly elevate and add a sophisticated touch to any space. However, it is easy to be unaware of just how dirty and hazardous these amazing accessories can become if they are not properly treated through professional rug cleaning. Over the years, especially in the harsh Australian climate, it is easy for our rugs to become built up with dirt and debris before we know it. Unfortunately vacuuming and spot cleaning alone will not get rid of this problem which is why seeking the assistance of a professional rug cleaning service will guarantee the best results. Although your rug may seem clean it is extremely deceiving and masters of hiding just how much bacteria and pollutants it is holding on to. Professional Rug Cleaners on the Gold Coast have the expertise and the equipment essential to getting deep within those rug fibres, removing all of those dust mites and allergens that can have a massive impact on your health, that we simply are unable to reach on our own. This is where Drymaster Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast comes in. The benefits provided by professional rug cleaning is exponential, some of which include:

  1. Complete removal of trapped and built up nasties such as dust, debris, bacteria and pollutants
  2. Prolonged shelf life
  3. Removal of stubborn unsightly stains
  4. Enhanced interior space
  5. Contribution to a healthier environment for you and your loved ones
  6. Rejuvenation of rug appearance, especially those that see a lot of foot traffic

With all that said, at the end of the day, maintaining the cleanliness of your rug in your home will see to an elevated appearance of your space, while prolonging the rugs longevity and enhancing overall environmental health.

Why Drymasters Carpet Cleaning:

With over 28 years of expert experience and through a long standing history of satisfied customers we have seen our successful reputation skyrocket. At Drymasters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast, we continue to pride ourselves on our guaranteed promise to deliver and providing you, the customer, with the options that best suit your needs and your lifestyle while providing optimal results. Rug cleaning is one of our passions and through this we are able to provide second to none service and experience and leave you with the rejuvenated and healthy rug of your dreams. Your health is our number one priority which is why it is important to us that we always attend your property with the most innovative, state of the art equipment to ensure that the best possible end result is achieved. We are masters of our craft and guaranteed satisfaction, so much so, that if you are unhappy we complete a full re-clean. We always strive to treat both you and your rug the way we would expect ours to be treated, nothing less. Our strong reputation of high quality services has been built over many years as we continue to always put our customers needs first while providing a top of the line clean of your choosing. With the two options we provide, whether you prefer for us to take away provide a deep clean at our factory or come to your premises and complete the professional clean there, we will work with you to show you why Drymasters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast are the best in the business.

Our Team:

At Drymasters Carpet Cleaning we have built up an exceptional team through demanding nothing but the best in terms of customer experience and services alongside expert knowledge and skill in all aspects of Rug Cleaning. Our team has been proudly servicing the Gold Coast and its surrounds for many years and will continue to provide exceptional results alongside a reliable, trustworthy and professional experience throughout the entirety of your clean. Established in 1989 Drymaster has operations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong and Canberra. We are an Australian owned family business with a network of owner operators throughout Australia. Our fully trained and certified technicians are qualified in their respective fields to bring their services to you the customer in a professional manner. We are dedicated to ensuring your environment is a fresh, clean and healthy one, which is why our team prides themselves on transforming our customer’s homes and offices through their expertise in rug cleaning.

Final Statement:

No matter how much you clean your home, it is near impossible to attain the same high quality results that you would through the services of a Gold Coast professional rug clean. At Drymaster we guarantee the best possible outcome to ensure the health of yourself, your loved ones and even that of your beloved pets, while completely enhancing the appearance of your space. Have the peace of mind that you will always be in the most capable hands and your rugs will be looked after throughout the entire process. Through many years of experience we have been able to fine tune and master our rug cleaning process, this, paired with the use of the most advanced equipment and tools and our customer focused approach, it is no wonder why Drymasters are industry leaders in all aspects of Rug Cleaning Gold Coast.
With all that said, if you are looking to prolong the life of your rugs, enhance your space, remove any unwanted stains and create a healthy and clean environment, contact us at Drymasters Gold Coast today for a quote or any questions you may have.