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3 Decades of Trusted Partnership

Drymaster Carpet Cleaning has been winning hearts since 1989. It takes great pride in providing a wide range of cleaning services for furniture and upholstery. Our clients appreciate its honest conduct, timely services and dedicated restoration services for rugs, carpets, sofas, tiles, and more.  Each of these services includes advanced cleaning methods, specialised cleaning equipment, and eco-safe solutions.

Our St. Kilda Rug cleaners are trained to deal with all types of cleaning challenges. Throughout it all, they remember to treat your prized possessions with gentle care.  We integrate eco-safe solutions to protect your families and the environment.

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2-Way Rug Cleaning St. Kilda Homes & Offices

Allow your rugs to retain their vibrant colours and evade weather damage with our innovative cleaning solutions.

Onsite Rug Cleaning Services

Our St. Kilda rug cleaners offer doorstep cleaning services for homes, offices, and commercial spaces. We create a personalised cleaning plan with either steam/dry cleaning method depending on your feasibility and the emergency.

It’s a convenient choice for routine rug cleaning. 

Factory Rug Cleaning Services

Whether your rugs have been soiled/urinated on by pets or need a deep cleaning after years of wear and tear, we have offsite solutions that deal with tougher challenges.  Our offsite services start with a pick-up.

After that, we:

  1. Inspect rugs for damages and stains.
  2. Beat it down to shake off dust and dirt
  3. Hand wash/machine wash them depending on the material
  4. Use specialised cleaning agents and deodorisers to remove stubborn stains and smells
  5. Place it in a climate-controlled drying room
  6. Groom before delivery

Our gentle rug cleaning services are the best choice for delicate rugs (i.e. silk rugs, handcrafted rugs, and antique rugs).

Our Promise

We surpass industry standards with our customisable methods from rug cleaning St. Kilda. Our attention to detail and cooperative conduct allows you to experience a stress-free cleaning service whenever you call.

 No matter which method you select, we can guarantee:

  • Premium-quality rug cleaning services
  • Eco-clean solutions
  • Dedicated Kilda rug cleaners
  • Reasonable rates

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