How to get rid of carpet moths

A carpet moth is a small insect that can eat the fibers in your rugs and carpets. Despite its size, it can do a lot of damage. If an infestation is left untreated, moths and moth larvae can quickly damage natural fiber rugs. When you start to notice flying moths, it may signify an invasion of carpet moths.

How to Identify Clothes and Carpet Moths

carpets moth

Carpet moths are small, but they can still damage carpets and other items. Interestingly, the wings of monarch butterflies are covered with microscopic hairs. It is difficult to tell the difference between thrips and grain moths, as they both have a very similar appearance. Unlike other types of moths, clothes moths are rarely seen because they avoid light. Some rodents prefer dark areas.


Where do carpet moths come from? 

carpet moths come from

These small carpet moths are drawn to natural fibers such as wool and fur because they have a strong sense of smell. Moths are drawn to the scent of fur, silk, and wool but they have a large appetite for keratin. As these insects start their life cycle, they will search for somewhere in your home with a food source that has wool, hair, skin, and food debris available. They particularly prefer low-traffic sections of a room like corners or under heavy furniture that has never been moved and infrequently vacuumed.

How to get rid of Carpet Moths

get rid of carpet moths

Carpet moths can do a lot of damage and destroy your rug. If you believe you are dealing with an infestation in your carpet, these bugs will move from room to room, and even into other parts of the home such as your clothes closet. Clothes moths are particularly troublesome this winter since the weather has been unusually warm and they have an easier opportunity to thrive. Lower temperatures during the washing process allow for less energy to be used, but it also means that more bacteria are left alive on clothes.


Here are some tips to eliminate carpet moths from your home:

Eliminate carpet moths
  • Vacuum the house every day, or as often as possible. Vacuuming your carpet at least once a week, as well as paying close attention to the edges beneath furniture and other hard-to-reach places, could help keep your home safe from harmful bacteria. The goal is to remove eggs and larvae that may be in or on your carpet. By removing hair, skin, and food debris from the rug, you help deprive the larvae of their food source. Make sure to check behind furniture and in any cushions or other sheets/covers that are removable.
  • If possible, turn down your thermostat and close some curtains to keep the air from flowing freely in and out of your home. Carpet moths and their larvae prefer warm, humid environments. They are most likely to infest a home with central air. A colder environment can slow down their life cycle.
  • Call a pest control company. Once they have identified the problem, they can use specialized equipment to take care of any infestations quickly and efficiently. They will require that you have gone through all items and removed wool or natural fibers when you do this. 

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