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How To Get Wax Out Of Carpet

Carpet is a great addition to any home. It adds warmth and style, as well as a soft cushioning factor that can serve to make you feel more comfortable in your abode. It also happens to attract dust, dirt, pet hair, and even liquids such as drinks and food spills.

If you have wax stains on your carpet or dark-colored carpet then it will be difficult for you to get rid of them no matter what method you use at first but don’t be discouraged! It’s just going to take a little more effort in order for you to clean up those pesky spots if they are not coming out the way that they should. There are several ways in which you can get wax out of the carpet without making too much of an effort.

Step 1: Freeze the wax

freeze the wax

First, you are going to want to freeze the part of the carpet that has been discolored with wax. Freezing wax is a good way to harden it and make it easier for you to scrape off. The carpet should be completely dry before you start freezing it, and it will take a while for the wax to freeze so this step may have to happen overnight at times depending on how thick the carpet is.

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Step 2: Scrape off the wax

vacuum your carpets

Once you have allowed the carpet to thaw and dry out, then it will be time for you to get rid of all that carpet wax. You can use a spatula or other flat-edged utensil in order for you to scrape off the carpet wax. The carpet will still look dirty until you try to clean up this residue but once it has been removed, along with any remaining carpet stain, the carpet should come back looking great! Just make sure that your carpet is completely dry before doing so so as not to damage it further.

Step 3: Heat and absorb the wax

choosing the right vacuum

Depending on how deep your carpet wax stain is, you can try to tackle this problem by using some heat and then by absorbing the carpet with a towel in order to clean up what remains. You are going to want to place a cloth or towel underneath the carpet that has been ruined by wax and turn on your hair drier in order for this process to happen more efficiently. Once you have applied enough heat with the hairdryer it should be safe for you to use a towel or rag in order for you to absorb as much of the carpet wax as possible from your carpet.

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Step 4: Clean the carpet

vacuum cleaner clean

Once you are satisfied that you have gotten all of the carpet wax out, then you can go ahead and clean up your carpet. For carpet cleaning Melbourne you can use a carpet cleaner or even plain white vinegar in order to get rid of any excess carpet stains that may have been leftover from the previous stain cleanup process.

Do not worry if the carpet wax cleaning process takes a lot of time and effort on your part because trying numerous times is better than having dark carpet spots on your flooring!

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

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Please be aware of any carpet cleaning company offering cheap carpet cleaning prices without an explanation on how their service works and what they use underneath your carpet when performing the carpet clean process.

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