How To Remove Dog Pee From Your Carpet

If your dog is spilling pee all over the house, you’re not alone. We at Drymaster Carpet cleaning Newcastle have to deal with this problem daily to from our clients. Dog pee can have some pretty serious health effects, which include an increased risk for urinary tract infections and if it’s left to sit long enough, the smell will be so bad that no one wants to go in that room again! That said, we’ve compiled a list of ways to remove dog urine stains from the carpet and keep them away!

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  • Blot as much of the urine up with a towel. This will soak most of it up and then you can put a clean, dry sheet on top to absorb the rest. Your goal is to make sure that no more pee gets into your carpet so take this step seriously!
  • Get down on your hands and knees in front of the stain and use either club soda or white vinegar diluted 50/50 with water (or just plain old cold water) to blot away any remaining urine from your carpet fibers. You may need some elbow grease here but be careful not to push out all those good microbes while scrubbing at the spot! If you’re using club soda for this part, pour it onto an area larger than the stain and then use a wet cloth to spread the liquid into it.
  • Next, pour some dish soap onto your hands or on an old toothbrush and scrub at the carpet fibers around the stain for about 30 seconds before washing off with cold water (this will break down any stains that are still there). Finish up by blotting dry again if necessary.

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  • You’ll want to clean every other day until you no longer see urine spots in your home plus keep diligent watch over where your dog is going pee from now on! This may help minimize future accidents because dogs tend not go back to places they’ve already peed once they realize this spot is “pee central” lol. If needed, sprinkle some white vinegar near these areas as well.
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Other things that might help you remove dog pee stains:

  • Purchase a pet urine remover that specifically says they remove dog pee stains. These cleaners are typically enzymatic and will break down the proteins in the urine, removing any smell left behind. For best results, use it as soon as possible after your pup has an accident so we can ensure you get all of the offending liquid up!
  • Many people swear by white vinegar for Newcastle carpet cleaning up doggy accidents because it neutralizes odors and removes stains from carpets but make sure to test this on a small portion of the carpet first. It could have adverse effects if not used properly
  • Baking soda is another product many recommend using when trying to clean up messes like these due to its ability to absorb moisture (which is what causes the smell)
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  • There are also specially made cleaners out there that work best on pet stains. You can find these by looking for a cleaner that says they remove dog pee stains specifically, or you might even be lucky enough to have this type of cleaner in your home in Newcastle already! These types of cleaners should say “for urine” and will typically include enzymes that break down proteins into smaller particles so no matter how deep the stain goes, it’ll still come up with one good scrubbing session. Good luck! Remember to be patient with your pup, they just don’t know any better.

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