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How to Clean Red Clay, Dirt, and Mud Out of the Carpet

Sometimes carpets and rugs are stained, but they can’t always be avoided. When your face slips off, you may want to remove it and move on. Unfortunately, some stains are more difficult to remove than others. That’s much more difficult to do with red mud, dirt, and clay than other unsightly substances.

If you’re currently dealing with red clay on your carpet or rug, then you’ve come to the right place. Follow these steps to clean red clay, dirt, or mud out of the carpet in no time. This DIY method is achievable by anyone with the right materials and willingness to put in the work.

Removing Clay Stains from Carpet or Furniture

clay stains on carpet

To remove either dry dirt, wet dirt, clay, or mud from carpet or cloth furniture, there are some simple steps that you can follow. In general, you will need to ensure that there is enough time set aside for thorough cleaning. The following procedure will take approximately two hours to complete from start to finish.

Additionally, you should try to keep the room free of foot traffic as much as possible. When you live on the ground floor, it is difficult to completely avoid the basement, which may be your main thoroughfare. If the stained area lies on a carpet, you should at least mark off that area to avoid potential contamination during the cleaning process. Otherwise, you could waste your time.


What You Need to Clean Red Clay from Your Carpet

red clay stains

Before you begin, head over to your pantry or look under the kitchen sink because you’re going to need a few household items to clean up that pesky red clay stain on your floor. You don’t need a lot of stuff, so you’ll just have to find what you already have in storage. You’ll need the following supplies:

  1. A spray bottle (or a few if you have them)
  2. A bottle of Shout
  3. A bottle of Ammonia
  4. A Bottle of Vinegar
  5. A few Dry Towels
  6. You Vacuum

Once you have these on hand, follow the directions below!

Steps for How to Clean Clay Out of Carpets

stains on carpet

The following steps should be followed in order to clean a wet clay or dry mud carpet. After you complete these tasks, your carpet, rug, or furniture should be in great shape.

  1. Vacuum the floor completely to clear out any loose dirt and soil from the area. Carpets are challenging. Vacuuming should be done on a large area, but if the spill is in one particular spot, vacuum there too.
  2. Mix at a ratio of 1:4. Only mix as much spray as you plan on using for the specific area you need to treat. You’ll need the bottle again for this cleaning.
  3. Dilute your Shout and spray the spot with a light layer.
  4. Use a dry towel to sweep up any clay or mud stuck on your tires with each swipe.
  5. Next, fill your spray bottle with one part water and six parts ammonia. Lightly spray over the stained spot.
  6. Use the towel to dry up as much of the mud or clay that you can, picking it up with each stroke.
  7. Next, take your spray bottle and stir in 1 part white vinegar with 6 parts water. Spray over the spot with a light coat again.
  8. When wiping up a spill, start with a clean and dry towel.


When Should You Call Professional Cleaners?

If you’ve noticed a red clay, dry dirt, or wet mud stain on your carpet/rugs/furniture, but are unsure of what can be done to help remove these stains from your floors and furniture until your appointment with the Carpet Cleaning Newcastle experts from our Australia Worth carpet cleaning company please contact us.

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