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  • Are you looking for a reputable carpet cleaning service? Don’t know whether to dry clean or steam clean?
  • Here at Drymaster we offer you a choice of dry or steam carpet cleaning services.
  • We have been Steam cleaning and Dry cleaning carpets since 1990.
  • Drymaster can also offer you fabric and leather sofa cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, mattress cleaning, pet stain services, water damage restoration and general cleaning.
  • We have built our reputation with satisfied clients through maintaining top quality results and impeccable customer service. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Drymaster has been servicing clients in Sydney, MelbourneBrisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Newcastle, Gold Coast and Wollongong since 1990.
  • Check out our videos below to see some of our work.

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    Drymaster carpet cleaning established 1989. “Your Choice of Dry or Steam”.

    Your choice of;

    • Carpet Dry or Steam.

    • Chemical free anti allergen.

    • Fabric Sofa Cleaning.

    • Leather Sofa Cleaning.

    • Tile and Grout Cleaning.

    • Rug Cleaning.

    • Mattress Cleaning.

    • Water Damage Restoration.

    • Pet stains and Urine Treatments.

    • Spot and Stain Treatments.

    • End of Lease Cleaning.


    Carpet Dry or Steam

    Your choice of carpet dry or steam cleaning. We carry both systems in our vans. When our technician arrives at your premises he will inspect your carpet and advise you which is the best system to use for your carpet.
    Drymaster charges the same price for Dry or Steam cleaning. Which method to use will depend on soiling, time since your carpet was last cleaned, pets, type of carpet, (wool, nylon, stainmaster, acrylic etc.. No need to make the decision now, we will advise you upon inspection.


    Chemical Free Anti Allergen Cleaning

    Drymaster can offer you an alternative to our normal cleaning process if you require a chemical free clean using Mater blend Responsible Care System.
    The Responsible Care System of anti-allergen cleaning and treatment is used for asthma sufferers, and people with dust mite and pet allergies.


    Fabric Sofa Cleaning

    Drymaster fabric sofa cleaning is a 8 step process;
    1. Inspection and fibre testing of fabric.
    2. Hair removal with lint remover.
    3. Pre spray fabric with upholstery cleaning agent.
    4. Agitation of cleaning agent through fibres with brush or pad.
    5. Apply treatments to spots and stains.
    6. Apply fibre rinse and deodorizer.
    7. Steam clean and vacuum fibres.
    8. Grooming of fibres to restore nap.


    Leather Sofa Cleaning

    Our leather cleaning process is as follows;
    1. Placing protection sheets on your carpet or flooring before cleaning commences.
    2. Applying a leather cleaning solution to your leather sofa.
    3. Agitating the leather especially the arms and head rests.
    4. Removing the soiling from the leather sofa.
    5. Applying a nourishing cream and re-sealing of leather with highest quality leather protection.


    Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Drymaster technicians are experienced in indoor and outdoor tile and grout cleaning, driveways and hard surfaces.


    Rug Cleaning

    We offer 2 types of rug cleaning services. 1. Cleaning at your premises. 2. Factory deep clean immersion cleaning.


    Mattress Cleaning

    From cot to king mattresses we clean and deodorise them all.


    Wet carpet and water damage restoration

    Overflow bath, storm damage, water intrusion from balcony, washing machine leak, burst hot water system, don't panic, one phone call and we can help you with same day service in most suburbs.


    Pet Stains and Urine Treatments

    We all love our pets, and at Drymaster we have various solutions and procedures to deal with pet problems.


    Spot and Stain Treatments

    Many years of training and field testing of different spot and stain removal chemicals by our qualified technicians has given us the experience to successfully remove spots and stains.


    End of Lease General Cleaning

    Moving house or apartment? Drymaster is your 1 stop shop for carpet cleaning and end of lease cleaning.


    Established in 1989

    Established in 1989 Drymaster has operations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong and Canberra.
    We are an Australian owned family business with a network of owner operators throughout Australia.
    Our fully trained and certified technicians are qualified in their respective fields to bring their services to you the customer in a professional manner.